Teamwork conceptChange Management and Facilitation

Change is the new normal in health care. The most successful health care organizations are those that can rapidly and continuously adopt to new challenges and opportunities. But, the process of change cannot be left to chance. Sagamore Strategic Partners offers the expertise and tools to deal with the human side of change, including:

•  Defining the burning platform for change.

•  Uncovering and addressing change resistors

•  Articulating the desired future: a compelling picture of where the organization is headed

•  Creating the detailed road map for change.

Sagamore’s President, Cathy Sullivan Clark, is nationally recognized for her expert facilitation and ability to bring together diverse stakeholders in search of common solutions. Our meeting and retreat support services include:

Pre-meeting planning to ensure that objectives are clear and achievable and the meeting is structured to yield the desired results.

Leadership of discussions during the meeting, with a focus on giving all participants a voice in the discussions and connecting the dots to create consensus recommendations.

Development of meeting summaries that effectively tell the story of what took place during the meeting, highlight key themes and decisions made, and clearly outline next steps and the way forward.

We believe that every meeting should not only be productive but time well spent and well enjoyed by all involved.  Our proven facilitation approaches and techniques deliver just that.